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Brainstorming & Sketching 12.27.16

Lately I've been working on a lot of small sketches that will hopefully turn into bigger final pieces. I thought I'd share a little bit of my process so that you can see the progression from start to finish. Below are some of the drawings I've been working on the past few days:

Below I've put some past sketches and then the final, larger product so you can see how they turned into final paintings.

Here are three pieces that came directly from the small drawings above:

30 x 44 inches

22 x 30 inches

22 x 30 inches

Of course, as the scale changes, compositional issues may arise that you have to address. Especially if you work like I do, and your original drawings are only around 4 x 6 inches large. Change isn't bad, though. A lot of times I feel like the changes that the image demands at a larger scale actually end up making it an even stronger piece.

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